A $195 million house in Los Angeles


This is what $195 million can get you in Los Angeles.  Palazzo di Amore” represents the ultimate lifestyle on a one-of-a kind 25 acre promontory. It can easily accommodate parking for approx. 150 cars, and its proximity to world class cultural opportunities is virtually unbeatable. The prestigious residence, with its perfectly-conceived architecture, represents both majesty and family. Outstanding amenities include: Privacy and Security up a ~ mile driveway, guard house, private drivers quarters, guest house, state-of-the-art theatre, discotheque, bowling alley, wine cellar, wine producing vineyard, pool, spa, formal gardens, tennis court and city to ocean views. With all the lush beauty of the Mediterranean, and all the cosmopolitan grandeur of a Beverly Hills address, Palazzo di Amore is indisputably without rival. Via Zillow.com

You would this with a house this big your taxes would be out of this world as well.  They are actually not that bad the house is assessed at $27,666,572 and the taxes are only $338,928.

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